Managing fear and uncertainty is definitely taking its toll on many of us. Some days are harder than others as we look at ways to be better when being matters. I am inspired by people who deliver on goals and who lead from the front, no matter what.

I am slowly adapting to a new future and while busy with a reboot took connecting with you for granted but realise it is a privilege not a given.

The same value the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) placed on me for the recipient of the 2020 “Distinguished Service Award”, the same value I place on being of service to you. I would like to continue as your partner who corrects human and organisational performance problems. Usually organisations that fail to adapt don’t have mechanical problems, they have human problems. You are assured of my continued support and value add to your business.

As part of changing to a new future, the  Human Business Partnering  virtual workshop has been launched and many of our other services will follow the online route shortly.

If you have a performance problem you are struggling to solve and you would like help to discuss workable strategies for your particular situation, feel free to send me a Whatsapp voice note or call me on 0824585851 or email me at I’d be happy to share some immediate ideas to achieve results.

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