Human Resources and Training Managers who are responsible for HR budgets have to tighten their belts and understand where the money is being spent and why. Often service providers and internal performance consultants suggest solutions and interventions for performance opportunities and problems without substantiated evidence of where the gaps are, what caused the performance gaps, and what the reasons are for the gaps. We also need to know how to measure and evaluate the results and their impact once the solution has been implemented. It is far more credible to report on your HR spend if evidence can be provided of how performance has improved.

  • A set of tools will help the Performance Consultant to answer some of these questions:
  • Does every rand being spent in your budget address a performance gap, and does it add value?
  • Do you know exactly where the performance gaps are? Are they inherent in the people or processes, or are they attributable to organisational factors?
  • Do you know where to start fixing these performance problems?
  • Can you give facts adequately of where these gaps are? Or are they just assumed?
  • Can you measure the value of the HR spend adequately and accurately?
  • Does the HR value chain truly deliver on what your customers want, and do they experience this as value?
  • Are your HR consultants skilled in providing a performance improvement consulting service to the business in order to give advice correctly on performance problems?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, start with a practical, easy methodology to lead you to the answers, and make your HR budget deliver on results. The Performance in a Box Toolkit will add to the tools you are already using and provide you with a systematic and systemic way to implement a Performance Improvement mindset. We have developed a set of tools with wide application across Organisational Development, Learning and Development, Change Management, Organisational Performance, General HR, Training, and Instructional Design: in fact in all the areas of Human Resource Strategy, Development and Management.

What is in the Toolkit?

The Performance in a Box Toolkit is a collection of 38 tools in various categories, for example:

  • Performance Improvement Process (1 tool)
  • Performance Project Management (1 tool)
  • Performance Strategic Planning (6 tools)
  • Performance Analysis (5 tools)
  • Performance Improvement Diagnostics (18 tools)
  • Managing Performance (7 tools)

How do you use the Toolkit?

You can firstly check the various tools in each category listed in the Category Index, or you can identify a possible tool by its name. Secondly, you can follow the Toolkit Matrix to guide you to a particular consulting process step. Identify the specific tool names and tool number you can use in the specific consulting process step.

How do you use the Tools?

Each tool has an application at the bottom of the page indicating the result of the tool, the value of the tool and the process steps to follow to use the tool. The tools can be used for strategy sessions, planning and scoping of projects, debriefing, implementing projects, communicating actions and results, giving feedback on progress and refreshing actions as well as contingency planning. Each tool can be customised to meet organisational needs and culture. In fact, this is the starting point for you to create own portfolio of tools on your journey to improving performance!

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