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What’s your HR carbon footprint?


For more information about Improvid Performance Consulting visit our Human Performance Improvement website. “The future of a country is shaped by the way a country invests in the development of its human resources. As in the case of all countries, and especially as a developing country, Bhutan too has grand visions and aspirations. We have therefore, invested heavily in HRD from the early stages of our development process and continue to do so. In turn, we hope to become an IT enabled knowledge based society to build a wholly green and sustainable economy within which pursuit of happiness will be the conscious [...]

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How green is your HR strategy?


Alec Howe, future forecaster, introduces in a recent article the concepts of “time splintering, work spillover and leisure spillover” and how work-life balance is no longer the topic on the corporate agenda. However, it is more about how a working day will be “chopped up” and how time will be allocated in a “splintered” way to meet the work-life balance. Richard Sandford, a learning researcher, says mid-life drop-outs are cynical about another economic recovery and they are disillusioned with the recession. They are also concerned about career stability and will probably decide to opt out of their corporate careers. Will [...]

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