If you’re an HR professional, working in the area of performance,  you may not know you can enhance your credentials by becoming a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) – accredited by the globally-recognised International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).

Turn your skills into an internationally-recognised accreditation

If you’re a senior HR practitioner wanting to professionalise your performance improvement consulting knowledge, the ISPI-accredited Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) is an internationally recognised credential that will improve your knowledge and enhance your reputation within the performance improvement field.

Undertaking the CPT will help you develop your performance knowledge as well as enhance your credibility within your organisation, thus advancing your career prospects. The CPT will demonstrate to your clients that you are a performance specialist who can add value and achieve results in their business.

What is it?

The CPT is an internationally recognised accreditation for performance professionals offered by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). It recognises professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in the Ten Standards of Performance Improvement as required by ISPI. A programme is now available exclusively through Improvid Performance Consulting who has been associated with ISPI for more than 15 years.

What do you get?

CPT accreditation equips professionals with the competence required to apply the ISPI Standards of Performance Improvement as a methodology that most effectively addresses the performance improvement needs of their clients. Upgrade to higher levels of professionalism and be recognised internationally as a competent Performance Improvement Specialist.

Why become a CPT?

The CPT is valued by international and local employers and has attained global recognition in more than 30 countries. CPT practitioners are recognised as professionals who produce meaningful results under real workplace conditions. CPT practitioners are recognised as professionals who partner with others and add value to the process and outcomes. CPT accreditation reflects the highest standards of peer review. CPT practitioners are bound by the ISPI Code of Ethics.

How do you become a CPT?

Enrol for an CPT programme with Improvid Performance Consulting; or Enrol for individual or small-group coaching with an Improvid consultant.

What is different about the CPT?

The CPT is the only expert and competence-based credential available in the Performance Improvement profession internationally. The CPT programme is the first professional certification process with a code of ethics in the Performance Improvement profession. CPT standards are based on demonstrated repeatable performance results in Performance Improvement competence.

What is required?

A minimum of three years experience in performance related areas. A commitment to the ISPI Code of Ethics. The submission of no less than three and no more than seven projects that demonstrate the candidate’s ability to meet the ISPI standards. Attestation by employers or clients to verify the accuracy of the candidate’s project submissions.

Successful CPT candidates should re-certify every three years in order to retain their credentials. To achieve this they must comply with minimum professional development requirements over a three year period.

Performance Improvement Certification Process

CPT Model HR

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