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In its Global Human Capital Trends report, Bersin by Deloitte describes the drivers that are creating disruptive change across the talent landscape. One driver mentioned, is a profound demographic shift, with millennials now accounting for more than half of all employees and baby boomers continuing to work into their 70s and 80s.

This has had a profound effect on the workplace (though you might not even realise it yet!). Let me explain…

If you are a millennial you need to get “future ready” and if you are a baby boomer, you need to stand out from the crowd – in terms of your skills and knowledge perspective.

We are all in it to improve organisational performance and effectiveness one way or the other. Be it through training and learning facilitation, talent management processes and systems or organisational design.

It does not matter – we all have the same end goal:  To understand business issues, partner with clients and suggest credible, valuable solutions that will be sustainable in a volatile world.

Are you ready to take your expertise to the “next level”?

If you’re working in the area of performance, you owe it to yourself to enhance your credentials by professionalising and internationalising your knowledge and expertise.
So whether you are in OD, L&D or HR – now is your time!

Become a professional with an internationally-recognised, evidence-based accreditation issued by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).

It is quite interesting that to define a profession internationally, it has to fulfil the following criteria:

According to SHRM and the Department of Labour in the USA to turn your skills into an internationally-recognised accreditation, a profession has a specific organisation that:

  • Speaks as a unified voice for its members (ISPI represents over 10,000 practitioners worldwide).
  • Fosters the development of the field (ISPI promotes education and development through its various publications, institutes, and conferences).
  • Conducts applied research (ISPI publishes the Performance Improvement Quarterly).
  • Has a defined body of knowledge (ISPI’s international performance improvement standards and handbooks define the skills and knowledge required for proficiency in the profession).
  • Has a code of ethics that identifies standards of behaviour relating to fairness, justice, truthfulness and social responsibility.
  • Offers a credential (ISPI offers the only credential in HPT – performance consulting).

Becoming a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) – accredited by the globally-recognised ISPI – is the only way to get “future ready” by turning your skills into an internationally-recognised accreditation.

If you want to professionalise your performance consulting knowledge, then the ISPI-accredited Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) accreditation will undoubtabtly improve your knowledge and enhance your reputation and credibility within your organisation, and in turn advance your career prospects.  The CPT credential will demonstrate to your clients that you are a performance specialist who can add value and achieve results in their business.

How do you become a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)?

The certification process is shown in the diagram below:

Certification Process.jpg

CPT accreditation equips professionals with the competence required to adhere to the ISPI Standards of Performance Improvement. This methodology most effectively addresses the performance improvement needs of your clients. Upgrade to higher levels of professionalism and be recognised internationally as a competent Performance Improvement Specialist.

The business benefits realised for your organisation are:

  • Added-value to organisational performance
  • Achieved organisational results
  • Improved holistic operationalised strategy
  • Improved employee engagement

Get “future ready” and do it!

The CPT is valued by both international and local employers and has attained global recognition in more than 30 countries. CPT practitioners are recognised as professionals who produce meaningful results in real workplace conditions.

Read more about  the CPT learning journey here.

Clem Sunter, the scenario planning guru says: “Business, these days, is fast-moving and much of what happens is beyond a person or company’s immediate control.” Staying ahead of the pack can be challenging, especially in the current tough global circumstances.  Sunter points out that global economic growth is unlikely to increase in the foreseeable future. In such a climate, the ability to understand and leverage the strengths of your business is even more important.

To get “future ready” and stay ahead of the pack, contact Belia Nel at to enrol the CPT accreditation programme (individually or in a group) with Improvid Performance Consulting.

Or for immediate development you can purchase the Essentials for Performance Consulting workbook here.

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