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What We Do

Sustained Performance = Turnaround Performance + Action Performance + Measure Performance

Improvid Performance Consulting specialises in and offers three game changing areas for performance impact:

  • Design Future Performance
  • Turnaround Performance
  • HR Business Partnering Training
  • Performance Audits and Assessments
  • Results Coaching
  • Human Performance Improvement Training
  • Improve Team Performance
  • Transform Performance Management

Improvid Performance Consulting identifies gaps at organisation, operations and people impact levels and provides solutions for sustainable results. We close the gap between your organisational, operational and people strategies by using proven Performance Improvement tools and practices. People are at the core of performance in your business and we offer solutions to optimise performance through people.

Our services include:

Organisation Impact Solutions
How to Optimise Organisation and People Performance

  • Design Future Performance View
  • Turnaround Performance View
  • Performance Audits and Assessments View
Operations Impact Solutions
How to Optimise People and Operations Performance

  • Competency Development Architecture View
  • Improve Team Performance View
  • Transform Performance Management View
  • People Impact Solutions
    How to Optimise People and Work Performance

    Performance Development
    • Results Coaching View
    • HR Business Partnering Training View
    Professional Development
    • Human Performance Improvement Training View
    International Certification
    • Certified Performance Technologist (international) View View

    How We Do It

    We align strategy and operations and follow a four-step holistic process:

    • Step 1: We identify your business needs
    • Step 2: We design bespoke solutions
    • Step 3: We implement sustainable solutions
    • Step 4: We measure, refresh and change for business impact

    Our clients

    These are just some of the clients who have implemented a mindset shift and seen sustainable results:

    What We Sell

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    Performance Improvement

    Essential Tools for Performance Consulting

    Performance Improvement

    Essential Guide for Performance Consulting

    What We Share

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    Who We Are

    Improvid Performance Consulting (Pty) Ltd was established in 2005 by leading Performance Futurist and CEO, Belia Nel (Certified Performance Technologist), who currently serves as a director on the board of the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI). She has published Performance Improvement - Essential Tools for Performance Consulting and Performance Improvement - Essential Guide to Performance Consulting.

    Belia Nel

    Certified Performance Technologist

    Belia Nel has an almost 20-year track-record in executive training, focusing on human resources development and management development. She is the founder and CEO of Improvid Performance Specialists, which specialises in performance management, performance improvement and individual performance coaching.

    She is a member, past president and the current South African spokesperson for ISPI (the International Society for Performance Improvement). She is also a recent recipient of international Leadership and Service Excellence awards from ISPI.

    Belia is a recognised thought leader in her field and presents regularly at local and international conferences on performance management and performance improvement. She has published various articles and made contributions to academic textbooks.

    Belia can be contacted at